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lidská práva v Číně komiksem proti totalitě

About comic book

The comic book tells the story of how investigative reports came about and sparked a worldwide debate about the abuse of modern transplant surgery in China. It is related to the violent repression at the turn of the millennium, which resulted in the persecution of supporters of the Falun Gong meditation practice and culminated in the liquidation of large groups of dissidents (ChristiansUyghurs and Tibetans).

Lidská práva v Číně

We plan to publish the book in languages – English, Chinese, German, Czech and Hungarian.

Lidská práva v Číně

Comic book project video trailer:

Lidská práva v Číně

More about the story

The story begins in 2006. It follows the fate of a girl who, under the pressure of circumstances, seeks help from an organ transplant provider in a Chinese hospital. She flies to China to have a heart transplanted for a large sum. She experiences a number of strange events there – no one wants to tell her the name of the donor, she is forbidden to ask any questions about anything, the date and time of the operation of a vital organ is planned several weeks in advance, the hospital offers a spare organ if the first transplant is not successful.

In front of the hospital, she accidentally stumbles upon a journalist who is looking for evidence of the secretive H5N1 bird flu epidemic. During the investigation, he discovers a detention camp with several thousand prisoners by chance, which adjoins the hospital. They learn from the hospital staff that the location of the camp is not just a coincidence. People from the camp are taken to the hospital, where their organs are forcibly removed to be used for transplants for people from China and abroad in exchange for large sums of money.

A dangerous investigation begins, which reveals an even more dangerous truth …

Human rights in china

The characters you will see in the comic

We plan to bring the realities of the buildings, cities, airports and the faces of real characters into the story. The comic will feature former Canadian Foreign Minister David Kilgour, lawyer David Matas, investigative reporter Ethan Gutmann, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Manfred Nowak, Argentinian Judge Octavio Araos de Lamadrid, Chinese Surgeon Enver Tohti, Judge Sir Geoffrey Nice QC and many others.

Lidská práva v Číně


Lidská práva v Číně

Final drawings

Lidská práva v Číně

How the name of the comic came about

The title “Davids and Goliath” is based on the subtitle of the documentary film Human harvest from 2014. It is primarily a reference to the names of two Canadians (David Kilgour and David Matas), who were the first to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations. Both “Davids” searched in Chinese hospitals and the prison system for cases of abuse of imprisoned followers of the Falun Gong meditation practice for organ transplants.

Furthermore, the name is an allusion to the legend of the duel of the herdsman David with the giant Goliath, which symbolizes the unequal struggle of two Canadians with the giant Moloch of the Communist Party of China. However, they were also followed by other investigators, journalists, doctors, politicians and activists. They are all other “Davids” in our metaphorical conception. Goliath represents a powerful totalitarian regime.

Human rights in china

How the title page originated

Two Chinese painters, Wang Jing and Chen Xiaoping, created an oil painting measuring 200 x 125 cm in 2015. Its composition was designed by painter and sculptor Zhang Kunlun, who spent three months in one of the toughest prisons in China – the Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp. The work was created as part of the project The Art of Courage. And it was this image that inspired us to design the composition of the title page.

Czech comic writers and cartoonists created a poster for a project called “Davids and Goliath”. (DG Comics / All Rights Reserved)
The painting called “Together Against Evil” was painted by Wang Jing and Chen Xiaoping. The composition was designed by painter and sculptor Zhang Kunlun. (Art of Courage / all rights reserved)

lidská práva v Číně

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